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人才济济西班牙幸福烦恼,头重脚轻阿根廷中场堪忧由  AlanWake44/#以下评论皆来自redditON: 西班牙公布世界杯23人大名单                              【Trabzonspor】JCBDoesGaming 407 points 1 day agoCan we just have a normal announcement once.就不能来个正常点的名单吗。【Manchester United】SaintPhoeniix 198 points 1 day agoYeah, I agree!是的,强烈同意!【Argentina】x1sc0 466 points 1 day ago*Spain is so gd stacked. For those curious, here are the notable absences (23+1 and counting)—let me know if I missed any:? Cesc Fabregas? Marcos Alonso? Javi Martinez? Sergi Roberto? Hector Bellerin? Iker Casillas? álvaro Morata? Pedro? Ander Herrera? Juan Mata? Marc Bartra? Callejón? Vitolo? Gerard Moreno? Rodri? Luis Alberto? Suso? Fernando Torres? Borja Valero? Sergio Asenjo? Illarramendi? Dani Parejo? Carlos Soler? Alberto Moreno (lol)西班牙太他妈厚实了。这里我列一个没有入选的23+1人名单,还在不断补充中:小法、马科斯-阿隆索、哈马、塞尔吉-罗贝托、卡西、莫拉塔、佩德罗、埃雷拉、巴尔特拉、卡列洪、比托洛、赫拉德-莫雷诺、罗德里、阿尔贝托、苏索、托雷斯、阿森霍、伊拉拉、巴莱罗、帕雷霍、索莱尔、阿尔贝托-莫雷诺(哈哈哈)KnownStuff 275 points 1 day agoAdd Casillas to the list and you will have a team that can qualify to the knock out stage.加上卡西的话,这个阵容打世界杯妥妥小组出线吧。【Bayern München】CeterumCenseo85 27 points 21 hours agocan qualify to the knock out stageI'd even say: would be a real surprise if it didn't.我甚至觉得没小组出线才奇怪呢。【Vatican City】jtsports27 121 points 1 day agosergi roberto 100% should have gone塞尔吉100%应该去啊LewisLDN 650 points 1 day agoLooks like Moratas poor 2nd half of the season cost him a spot看起来莫拉塔糟糕的下半赛季让他丢掉了世界杯名额【England】JordanTurnbull 377 points 1 day agoNot to mention his poor 1st half of the season.更不用提他糟糕的上半赛季了。LewisLDN 698 points 1 day agoHis poor first half where he had like 11 goals in 13 games? He was quality until like December上半赛季13场11球糟糕?莫拉塔一直到12月状态都很好【Bromley】LucasTorreira 117 points 1 day agohe was good first half though. problems only started when he got the back injury他上半赛季可以啊。问题是在他背伤复发开始的【Watford】Chumlax 483 points 1 day agoLucas Vazquez is going to the World Cup. A real testament to the values of hard work and persistence, I guess.卢卡斯-巴斯克斯要去世界杯了。我猜这算是证明了勤奋和坚持的价值吧。【Real Madrid】zod0707 116 points 1 day agoGuy will offer everything on the pitch when released at 60' or 70' mark.你60、70分钟放这小伙上场,他会给你付出全部。【Real Madrid】IdanTs 16 points 22 hours agoRELEASE THE VAZQUEZ关门放巴斯克斯!【Barcelona】Yoesito 42 points 1 day agoTell that to Bartra.这话应该说给巴尔特拉听听。【Valencia】Pemoniz 482 points 1 day ago*Huh, the leak was wrong. Monreal over Marcos Alonso.Otherwise everything else was spot on.哈,看来之前泄露的名单出错了。孟磊去了,阿隆索没去。其他倒是都没问题。【Chelsea】Marshyq 161 points 1 day agoWould Spain supporters expect Monreal over Alonso? For me I'd want Alonso every time but obviously it's sometimes different when you get to international football.西班牙球迷比较想要蒙雷亚尔吗?我个人的话肯定全力支持阿隆索的,但是有时候在国家队情况跟俱乐部不是一回事。Takenisusernamethat 237 points 1 day agoEvery spanish newspaper was asking for the 23 list to fans and Alonso was always put in. Monreal wasnt even an option to choose lol所有西班牙报纸给球迷选的23人大名单,阿隆索一直能进。蒙雷亚尔有时候连做选项的资格都没有哈哈哈【Arsenal】ROADRUNN3R1998 194 points 1 day agoMonreal is better defensively so I'm guessing he's there to add stability蒙雷亚尔防守好一些吧,我猜他去是为了给球队增加一点稳定性【Spain】DanSaccone 220 points 1 day agoI'd say I'm ok with the squad, the only gripes I have, the absence of Sergi Roberto and Javi Martínez.我觉得这个名单我没问题,唯一有点可惜的是罗贝托和哈马没去。【Manchester United】adhikapp 21 points 1 day agoWho would you have had replaced for them? The team is stacked as it is.你觉得是谁顶掉他们的位置的?这球队已经满员到不行了。【Bayern München】gigal 88 points 1 day agobusquets is the only Defensive midfielder they have there and javi can play CB and DM布斯克茨是唯一的后腰,带上哈马的话多一个中卫和后腰【Bayern München】hultek 190 points 1 day agoWhy Javi Martinez doesn't get called? They could use a solid CDM.为啥哈马没进?来个稳如狗的后腰不好吗。【Barcelona】Pek-Man 117 points 1 day agoDon't you think Busquets is a solid CDM? I agree that he should probably have been there as Busquets' backup though.你觉得布斯克茨不稳吗?当然了我也同意带上哈马的话会是个很好的后备。reddit原帖地址:old.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/8kzyrb/spain_23man_squad_for_the_world_cup/ON: 阿根廷公布世界杯大名单                                 【Boca Juniors】ShittyPlaceKicker 567 points 1 day agoBanega is going to have to play his ass off this time around, like carry the midfield level of playing his ass off.这次巴内加不拼命踢不行了,那种carry整条中场线级别的拼命踢。【Independiente】tango_rojo 501 points 1 day agoImportant consideration: This is Banega's first World Cup.划重点:这还是巴内加的第一次世界杯。【Manchester United】spoofex 223 points 1 day agoThat is fucking crazy...这太他妈疯狂了……【Barcelona】Random_Acquaintance 158 points 1 day agoOf all people you need Banega to be regular and play his ass off. You're fucked.所有想要巴内加打首发然后拼命踢的朋友们。你们完蛋了。【Barcelona】Infenix13 1018 points 1 day agoPretty funny that Icardi is in their Twitter header but not the NT推特封面图上都有伊卡尔迪结果他没进国家队,略搞笑了【Toronto FC】fatcowxlivee 217 points 1 day agoWhat a shame. I'm not Argentinian, nor do I follow them closely, but is the whole Icardi/Wanda/Maxi thing that deep? I can't come up with another reason why he keeps getting shafted. Good news for Inter though as he'll get a full rest that he deserves太可惜了。我不是阿根廷人,也不是他们铁粉,但是伊卡尔迪、旺达、马克西这事儿就影响这么坏?我想不出还有其他理由他老是被忽悠。不过对国米是好消息,他能好好休息了【Juventus】nr8989 366 points 1 day agoHas anyone here watched the matches Icardi did play for Argentina? He was hot garbage, just like everyone else on that team, except Messi of course这的人都没看过伊卡尔迪在阿根廷的比赛吗?他就是个热腾腾的垃圾,跟球队里其他人一样,当然了除了梅西【Real Madrid】Mista_Madridista 283 points 1 day agoHe was hot garbage, just like everyone else on that teamSo if everyone was garbage, maybe give him a try? They haven't won a world cup with Aguero or Higuain doing the job, so not exactly messing with success to make a change there.既然都是垃圾,那干嘛不带这个垃圾?他们有阿圭罗和伊瓜因都没世界杯,所以这也不算在太岁头上动土吧。【Barcelona】Quaresmatic 475 points 1 day agoPretty underwhelming midfield.灰常弱鸡的一条中场线。【Racing】PiorARG 175 points 1 day agoWe will need Banega and Biglia at their %100需要巴内加和比格利亚打出100%状态【Barcelona】Coutinhohavemybabies 105 points 1 day agoMate you’d be lucky if Banega can give 25% on the pitch let alone 100% hopefully Biglia can be at 100% tho!!哥们儿,巴内加给你出25%的力已经烧高香了,别说100%了,但希望比格利亚能100%给力!!【AC Milan】Bulgerius 45 points 23 hours agoBiglia's been great for Milan for the second part of the season. Let's hope!比格利亚在我毛下半赛季很不错。但愿啦!【Barcelona】Deltadeitydragon 821 points 1 day agoYESSS Messi was selected!太好了梅西进了!Wooyork 177 points 1 day agoBig call from Sampaoli桑保利这个用人很大胆【Arsenal】8cm8 129 points 22 hours agoMartinez would've left him out马丁内斯的话就不选他了(吐槽纳因戈兰没进比利时名单)【Real Madrid】KingPZe 101 points 1 day agoIcardi still paying for eating forbidden fruit伊卡尔迪还在为偷吃禁果买单啊【AC Milan】sun_d 10 points 23 hours agoWell tbf it’s called the forbidden fruit for a reason所以我们才管这叫禁果啊【Liverpool】Ytorga 3 points 23 hours agoWhat did he do?他都干了啥?【Southampton】bsaires 8 points 1 day agoHe fucked Wanda Nara (Maxi Lopez's wife), and is now playing baby-daddy to Maxi Lopez's kids.他日了马克西-洛雷斯的老婆,然后现在跟人家孩子玩过家家。【Internazionale】mrc96 38 points 1 day agoDidn't he cheat on her and be a shitty dad, which led to them divorcing...and then Icardi got with Wanda? If that's what happened that's a different story. I think it's also worth noting thar Icardi and Wanda have stayed together for what is it now, like 5 years? I think that also tells you something难道不是马克西出轨然后也不会当爹,结果导致他们离婚……然后伊卡尔迪才和旺达一起吗?如果这是事实的话,那这件事就应该另说了。我觉得还有一点值得注意的是,伊卡尔迪和旺达在一起已经,5年了吧?我觉得这也说明了些什么吧【FC Porto】Made4win 177 points 1 day agoI see Higuain I clench看到伊瓜因我菊花一紧【Boca Juniors】ShittyPlaceKicker 195 points 1 day agoI see Higuaín I cry看到伊瓜因我哭了【Olympique Lyonnais】Herecome 108 points 1 day agoHe is good in every game that isn't the final yet he gets more blame than players who are never good.他除了决赛每一场都打得很好,然而比起那些场场狗屎的人,他还是被骂得更惨。reddit原帖地址:old.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/8l1whw/argentina_world_cup_squad/往期传声筒五年四冠吉鲁成足总杯先生,严防死守穆帅遭穆鸟式大巴葡法大名单有人欢喜有人忧,布冯告别每逢5月多离愁囧视频公布名单遭吐槽,十字军出征阵容引人忧?唯才是举德意志选人不留情面,远离伤病盼罗伊斯圆梦差之毫厘巴萨不败赛季难圆梦,谬以千里主帅神秘轮换看不懂
阿根廷阿 阿 阿    ……阿切,中场后场看来都得梅老板当保姆了! 这个国家的踢球的人都想当前锋,没人愿意踢后卫,才造成头重脚轻的。
阿根廷阿 阿 阿    ……阿切,中场后场看来都得梅老板当保姆了! 这个国家的踢球的人都想当前锋,没人愿意踢后卫,才造成头重脚轻的。是不是类似LOL,国服都喜欢玩ADC,所以lpl赛区出ad,阿根廷出前锋
看看西班牙带的后卫名单也就不奇怪为什么最后时刻选择蒙雷亚尔了 除了拉莫斯和皮克这两个正统中卫 也就纳乔这么一个万金油能打中后卫了 所以 我认为是蒙雷亚尔在阿森纳的那段中卫经历给了他加分 更不要说他这个赛季的表现确实很出色
是不是类似LOL,国服都喜欢玩ADC,所以lpl赛区出ad,阿根廷出前锋你是不是在针对我让酱 虎爹 卡萨爸爸
你是不是在针对我让酱 虎爹 卡萨爸爸这么一类比,今年阿根廷??????

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